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Navajo Santa had a very rewarding and successful food delivery at the Westwater Diné Community on June 4. We coordinated the delivery with Briana Austin, our Navajo contact at the community and the Chapter President, Thomas Chee. The families were notified of the delivery two weeks ahead of time. We had a staging area for them to pick up their groceries and two community members made deliveries to elders without transportation.

Thanks to a generous donation by Joseph and Deborah Youngberg, each of the twenty families received cases of canned meats, soup, vegetables, and fruit, instant dry milk, oatmeal, peanut butter, pinto beans, rice, sugar, coffee, dog food, 2 large bags of Blue Bird flour and Crisco Oil (essential for making authentic fry bread.) It is enough food to sustain them for several months. They were all so gracious and appreciative.

Westwater has been waiting to receive water and power for decades so we were excited to see a pile of new power poles, delivered a few days before our arrival, a hopeful sign power lines will soon follow.

Our thanks to Macey’s in Spanish Fork for the pricing discount on all of the food and to Travis Hale and Mike Dahl for purchasing and transporting it. A big shout out to our volunteers who helped with the delivery; to John and Chris McHugh for procuring the Blue Bird Flour; to Kylee Hale for making 60 gift bags for the kids; to Julie Marple for coordinating the event; and to the Youngberg’s for their generous donation and continual support of Navajo Santa and the Navajo communities we serve.

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