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As in years past Navajo Santa held its Family Delivery on the Navajo Nation just before Christmas. To comply with the Nation’s COVID-19 lock-down mandate we delayed our early December visit until we could do so safely and modified our delivery logistics.

Our liaisons on the Nation worked carefully to identify 11 families of 35 individuals, all of Rock Point community to be recipients, and a small group of five volunteers to help make the deliveries. Each family received simple necessities such as blankets, household items, toiletries, axes, shovels, winter clothing, books, school supplies, toys and food boxes as well as special items for each individual.

While delivering gifts we were met with kindness and happiness despite the current conditions they are facing. This community is a firm reminder of the humanity and genuineness that exists in the world if you just look hard enough.

Navajo Santa is grateful for all the support that our volunteers and donors have provided throughout these trying months and thank the Navajo people for allowing us to be part of their community.

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