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Navajo Santa

Ya’at’eeh Keshmish, a non-profit organization known as Navajo Santa, strives to enhance the lives of Navajo people living in southeast Utah through the spirit of giving while fostering trust and respect between cultures.

Throughout history, Navajos living on the Utah Strip of the Navajo Nation are among the most isolated and neglected groups in the United States.

Navajo Santa’s efforts bring relief, aid, support, and a bit of cheer to Navajo students, elders, chapter houses, and families in need, not just during the Christmas holidays but all year long.

Navajo Santa
Family Delivery

Based on a Sub-for-Santa model, this program reaches families on the Navajo Nation who are most isolated and with the greatest need. Those who have suffered a job loss, house fire, medical emergency, or other distress make their way onto our lists.

Navajo Santa
Goes To School

Navajo Santa Goes to School program provides school-aged children living on the Utah Strip of the Navajo Nation, with school supplies and aims to encourage student confidence and joy in learning.

Navajo Santa
Senior Program

The senior program was established to serve Navajo elders. Each year we interview administrators of the Chapter House Senior Centers obtaining a “wish list” of needed items for their facilities and programs.

Navajo Santa
Education Initiative

With the goal to expand the educational experience for high school students living on the Navajo Nation, Navajo Santa offers financial support for extracurricular activities that include cultural enhancement and field trips.

Navajo Santa
Sustainability Program

Many areas on Navajo Nation are very remote, with numerous people still living without running water and electricity. Navajo Santa strives to support the Navajo community through funding of items that provide a greater, sustainable standard of living to individuals, families, and chapter houses.

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What People Say


The experience we get is incredible and it means just as much to us, as it does to the communities we serve. Our family gets to meet and support some of the world’s most amazing people, in need of so much.

- Tony J Rickards

President, Archer Mechanical & Maintenance, Inc.

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