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Whitehorse High School Visits Natural History Museum
April 4, 2013

Students from the Whitehorse High School band and their instructor/conductor Matthew Mcclellan presented a concert at the Natural History Museum of Utah on April 4, 2013 as part of their field trip. The students had to meet certain academic requirements and be active participants in Band Level III in order to go on the trip. After the concert they toured the Natural History Museam that was featuring Weaving a Revolution: A Celebration of Contemporary Navajo Baskets exhibit which showcased 150 contemporary baskets from Navajo artists, many of whom the Whitehorse High School students knew of. The students were impressed to see their own culture portrayed in such a beautiful and sensitive way. Then they attended a high school band concert that evening. The next day they worked with several conductors in workshops, toured Abravanel Hall and the Opera Production Studio. They also went to Hogle Zoo. They were very excited and grateful for this opportunity as we were to have them as Navajo Santa's guests. Special thanks to Paul Michael Maxfield and the staff at the Museum of Natural History for making this event such a success.

Group shot of the band at the Museum

Whitehorse School Band
Concert at the Natural History Museum
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