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December 6, 2010

MONUMENT VALLEY, UT. — For 22 years Navajo Santa has been visiting the Utah Strip portion of the Navajo Reservation with holiday relief for those families without at Christmas time. Led by board member Kenneth Maryboy, board member Marianne Felt, and Monument Valley organizer Shirlee Bedonie, the Navajo Santa Giveaway was held at the Monument Valley High School on the Navajo Reservation. Families gathered at the break of dawn to be first in line for the Navajo Santa provided food boxes, sacks of flour, blue corn meal, hygiene kits, shovels, warm clothing, toys, household items and other necessities to an estimated 500 families.

As the day began, a color guard of veterans posted the colors and led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Star Spangled Banner sung in Navajo and a Navajo blessing quickly followed as well as a visit from Santa Claus. An art table to entertain children, door prizes, contests of skill and a traditional Navajo meal served with plenty of hot choclate and coffee were enjoyed throughout the day.

"This 2010 giveaway was a fabulous success and we have Shirlee Bedonie and all the local volunteers to thank. These folks really stepped up to make this the most organized and smoothly run giveaway we have had! We were able to provide meaningful holiday gifts of day-to-day necessities and food to everyone that asked in an environment of festive holiday cheer" said board member Giles Wallace, "I cannot remember a more inclusive and action packed Navajo Santa Giveaway in all my years working for this event! We are greatly pleased and excited for next year!"

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Monument Valley elders
enjoying the festivities at the
Navajo Santa Community Giveaway
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