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December 6, 2004

BLUFF, UT. — This year's Navajo Santa Giveaway on Saturday, December 4 was again a welcome event on the Navajo Indian Reservation at White Rocks, just outside the town of Bluff, Utah. The wet and cold winter conditions that prevailed throughout the weekend did little to dampen the enthusiasm as the Navajo Santa organization and it's volunteers handed out items to an estimated 500 men, women and children. Each recipient family received Christmas gifts including two food boxes, hygiene kits, a sack of Bluebird flour and miscellaneous items such as shovels, axes, blankets and toys. As in the past this was followed by a community dinner in which Navajo and non-Navajo were able to enjoy a cross-cultural event to the benefit of everyone participating.

Navajo Santa's Sub-For-Santa delivery took place Sunday, December 5, with Christmas gift deliveries presented to 33 families. This was the largest Navajo Santa Sub-For-Santa delivery yet, and required two delivery groups making trips to opposite sides of the reservation. Both groups included a Santa and helpful volunteers and board members who delivered the gifts, food and treats to the remote homes on the Utah side of the reservation. Many of the Sub-For-Santa recipients live without running water or electricity and are identified as families in-need. Each family received items from a "wish list" obtained in the early Autumn. These wish lists very often are made up of simple necessities such as blankets, household items, toiletries, axes, shovels, winter clothing, books, school supplies, toys and food boxes.

The Navajo Santa board is thankful for the many donors and volunteers that make this program a success and thank the Navajo people for allowing us to become a part of their yearly tradition.

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Navajo Santa board members Kathy Kankainen, Kenneth Maryboy as Santa and Eric Kankainen
with Sub-for-Santa Recipient Family.
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