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December 2, 2012

WESTWATER, UT. — Navajo Santa brings joy to the Westwater community.

A bright and sunny Sunday lead to a sub for Santa delivery that went off without a hitch. We were able to deliver to 20 families in the impoverished Westwater community. Many of the Sub-For-Santa recipients live without clean water or electricity and are identified as families in-need. Each family received items from a "wish list" obtained in the early Autumn as well as a standard set of items (flour, coffee, dog food, oil, hygene kits). The wish lists very often are made up of simple necessities such as blankets, household items, toiletries, axes, shovels, winter clothing, books, school supplies, toys and food boxes.

The Navajo Santa board is thankful for the many donors and volunteers that make this program a success and thank the Navajo people for allowing us to become a part of their yearly tradition.

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Hogon in Westwater
Used for ceremonial purposes now, this hogon is a fixture in the Westwater community.
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